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This section is used to compute
the numerological influences.

Birth Certificate Name
Name you use now

This next section collects all the data
necessary for computing a natal horoscope.
(Certain values are critical to the accuracy:
your latitude and longitude of birth and
whether daylight saving was in effect.)

Date of Birth
Month: Day: Year:
Local Time of Birth
Zone Adjustment
Daylight Saving:+0 +1+2
Type of Cusp:
Placidian Regiomontanian
Campanian Gurdjieffian(power animals)
Location of Birth / Miscellaneous Notes

In this next section, the Major and Minor Progression
and Transit influences will be set up.
(You can just accept defaults and it will choose your next birthday
and your most favorable day).

Time offset of location from Greenwich : hours minutes  
Major and Minor Progression and Transit starting on which day
Today's date & time
Your next birthday
Date entered below (default today's date & time):
Actual Date of Interest: mm dd yyyy
Actual Time of Interest: hh mm  
Duration for this Detail Search
months days
If search month + days are greater than 0 then enter detail for the
following two groupings which are based on aspects:
Type of Influence:
most favorable day in search
least favorable day in search
most active day in search
least active day in search

Area of Interest (choose only one):
(Area: Gurdjieffian is in parenthesis):
Your best or worst day
Your healthiest or unhealthiest day
Your best or worst expressive day
Your best or worst eventful day
Specific House Areas:
   (If Gurdjieffian: achievements,foundations,new goals)
status, tranquility, wealth, harmony
   (If Gurdjieffian: investigation,experimentation,adventures)
partnerships, investigation, collaboration, cooperation
   (If Gurdjieffian: innovations,partnerships,hope)
possessions, shelter, environment, sense-of-belonging
   (If Gurdjieffian: new direction,assistance,disruptions)
adventures, experimentation, speculations, expectations
   (If Gurdjieffian: inner conflict,resolution,love)
well-being, profits, work, resolution
   (If Gurdjieffian: opportunities,temptations,recognition)
relationships, transactions, negotiations, innovations
   (If Gurdjieffian: crisis,retribution,faith)
losses, conflicts, oppositions, dissatisfaction
   (If "Gurdjieffian: does not apply)
reconciliation, reevaluations, reexaminations, reconsideration
   (If "Gurdjieffian: does not apply)
fame, attainments, successes, triumphs
   (If "Gurdjieffian: does not apply)
friendships, imagination, new-ideas, hopes
   (If "Gurdjieffian: does not apply)
consequences, accomplishment, sense-of-purpose, self-worth
   (If "Gurdjieffian: does not apply)