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Everywhere there is a horoscope,
but this one uses detailed analysis weighted aspects and planets.
Try it.
There is also an innovative seven house system based on
Gurdjieff and Native American symbols.

Horoscope Maker
Sample Horoscope (me)

Other tools for growth:
Horoscope Maker
Sample Horoscope

Zarathustra Game

Hebrew Cipher of your name
Tools to write a petition for help to an angel in ancient angelic script

Discussions on Gurdjieff
Interesting history:
Discussing the positions of Lewis Chessmen
King Arthur Studies
Books and songs:
Crystal Dolphin Records and Books Books:
Magnetic Disturbance (Time Travel in the the Law of Seven) Songs:
Buffalo Rising (Songs of Spirit)
Lords of Tiamat (Heavy Mystical, Metal with Mystical Direction)
Lords of Tiamat on YouTube
Penga (Marimba & Drums)
My blogs:
Unicorn Letters
The Pesher of Christ
My web sites:
Pesher of Christ
Infinite SOULution Foundation
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